Since 1953, Alfredo Modiano Limited has been the representative company of Italian-weighted world's leading textile machinery manufacturers and textile raw materials in Turkey, with the cooperation of Motex Milan. Modiano has risen to the peek by its expert sales representatives and technical staff, become an industry leading company.
Modiano, as a result of long time studies, stepped in the sector of food packaging and liquid filling machinery in 2008. Starting with Cavanna, a global brand in FlowPack, the company augmented its represented brands in a short period, reached the large messes.
Modiano’s primary mission is providing better service to its customers. Founded in 1993 with the partnership of Motex, Modiano Technical Services Inc. provides machinery installation, repair and spare parts service of all the firms which Modiano represents in Turkey. Its branches in Istanbul and Bursa, enable the fast and qualified service among whole country.
Sales of raw materials to textile manifacturers in Turkey are carried out in partnership with Interfil Milan.
Alfredo Modiano Limited aims to keep its growth to provide the most appropriate solution to the Turkish textile and packaging industry, with the cooperation of over 40 represented brands in Turkey.
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